Factory Authorized Dresser Rand Services
The Murray Family of Condensing Turbines has a long and storied history of providing New York City's Large Tonnage Chiller Market with unparalleled performance and reliability. It is no wonder that nearly 400 installations represent this demographic for nearly a century.

As systems, plants and engineering specifications achieve higher levels of expectations and respective performance ratings, so does it become the case with the underlying turbine drive appliance. Today, Murray Dresser Turbines offer greater performance, features and recognition than ever before without compromise to the "workhorse thoroughbred" they have become legendary for!

To maintain continued performance beyond the original installation it only seems logical to join this distinction with a highly qualified Authorized Service Provider network. Assuring the end user owner the same commitment at purchase to that of the product lifecycle. Our ASP and Factory Service Centers offer Aftermarket Service, Repair and even Engineered Modifications to legacy products consistent with more contemporary designs.

Industrial Cooling Inc. is proud to be a successful Aftermarket Service Provider and supporter of Murray Dresser Rand for over two decades.

Privileges and Benefits of the Genuine DR MURRAY - ASP Program:
  • Exclusive access to original BOM and Drawings assigned exclusively to Dresser Rand Murray ASP Service Providers
  • Exclusive use of OEM Genuine Dresser Rand Murray Aftermarket Parts, Lubricants and Components
  • Direct Access to Dresser Rand Worldwide Engineering and Design Groups
  • Factory Trained and Certified Murray Turbomachinery Service Engineers
  • Offerings to Genuine DR Murray Retrofits, Re-Rates and Modifications
  • Unparalleled expertise and experience
  • Factory Trained Service Engineers
  • Establish Baseline Alignment for Correction Considerations
  • Sequential Removal of Steam Casings, Gland Housings, Bearing Case Caps and ancillaries to assure Rotor location compliance during "Complete In Frame Overhauls".
  • Perform NDE Evaluation of Rotor to Dresser Rand Murray BOM and Drawings to deliver both baseline operating history and root cause failure analysis.
  • Inspect all components for concentricity, fit, tolerance and dimensions to only Genuine Dresser Rand Murray Turbine Specific Drawings.
  • Perform Inspection and Repairs by Factory Dresser Rand Murray Aftermarket Facilities.
    • Complete Level III ASME NDT Test Certification
    • Provide all Ancillary Component Inspections and Diaphragm Assemblies
    • Reverse Ring Assemblies
    • Governor Assemblies and Hydraulics
    • Complete OEM Rotor Assembly Inspection Service and Dynamic Balancing

  • Reassembly to Dresser Rand Murray Factory, Original BOM Turbine Drawing Specifications.
  • OEM Aftermarket Dresser Rand Murray parts and components.
  • Start-up and Commissioning accompanied by Factory ASP warranties.
  • Certification of Assembly for Insurers

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