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TESTIMONIAL"I would take the opportunity to give credit to Vito Costanza and Dominic DiDonna for their commitment to excellence in service and (to the) training they give to their staff." ~ Mr. Joseph Dagro-Chief Engineer, Murray Hill Properties

Q4 2012Industrial Cooling Inc. and their multi-owner clients prepare for a combined 8,200 plus tons of CFC RETROFIT PROJECTS to Environmentally Acceptable 134a/123 gases, representing seven large open and hermetic appliances as well as single R500 unit this shutdown season.

TESTIMONIALWe then implemented a multi-year energy offering for their TURBOCHYLL LEEF Control System. After evaluating many packages and references of previous ICACS installs, Industrial Coolings TURBOCHYLL LEEF was the obvious selection of choice. Here too, they met every expectation in time and performance as well as spot on with our budget. Perhaps mostly is that the performance in our Chillers safety, operational and energy use has met and achieved every expectation and promise they made! ~ Michael Aisner, RPA, LEED AP, Building Manager, RXR Property Management LLC

NOVEMBER 2012Industrial Cooling selected by MERCK Pharmaceutical Pa. to perform multi-unit complex in frame overhaul of Large Multi Stage Condensing Turbine internal NDE Inspections.

TESTIMONIAL"...I cannot speak highly enough of Industrial Coolings knowledge, professionalism and overall attention to detail for my entire project. I cannot recommend highly enough" ~ Mr. Chris Gaudan, Engineering, Merck & Co. Inc., Lansdale PA

OCTOBER 7 2012ICACS successfully retrofits and commissions ACCUTRAK EGS Governor to large frame 3.4K-BHP Elliot Condensing Steam Turbine finding safety, convenience and efficiency to operation not afforded previously.

TESTIMONIALMunicipal Energy and Utility Provider conducts evaluation of TURBOCHYLL LEEF Control System stating we were very impressed by the energy savings they achieved and further conclude; integration of these Control Systems into an existing chiller plant in a building can result in a reduction of steam usage of up to 30%...with a simply payback of 1-3 years in most cases

OCTOBER 2011Industrial Cooling Inc successfully installs TurboChyll Min-E Electric Chiller Control System as part of multi year chiller modernization plan.

TESTIMONIAL"Industrial Cooling is one of the most innovative companies I've worked with. The Company and VP Dominic DiDonna understands the technology behind ifm instrumentation equally as well as our engineers. Due to the collaboration between ifm and Industrial Cooling we've developed new components that we now sell to all our customers." ~ Chad Mosier, Industry Specialist, ifm efector

FALL 2012ICACS Completes quarterly OSHA 10 Training at 100% inclusion to all field staff and maintaining 3 yr Experience Modification Rate below 1.00.

LABOR DAY 2012Industrial Cooling Inc. hosts Employee "Labor Day LOBSTER BAKE" and cookout!

TESTIMONIAL"our steam usage was substantially lower this month compared to the same time last year (2296 Mlbs /779 Mlbs). After a thorough investigation (of meter by Utility Provider) they concluded that everything was in good working order. I than informed them that the only difference from last year to this year is that we installed TURBOCHYLL LEEF energy efficient control panels on our steam turbines." ~ Mr. Ron Damato, Chief Engineer, York OMS 2200 Ton Chiller, 1185 Avenue of America

AUGUST 2012Industrial Cooling Inc. rolls out "Stand alone" TurboChyll Products for both electric and steam chiller applications.

TESTIMONIAL"With the cost of utilities equaling up to nearly 37% of our budget costs, we have noticed based on historical utility trends that our usage is considerably down this year. We seem to be trending an overall steam reduction over 30%. We are achieving a much better and tighter target to set point which follows us to optimize higher efficiencies Your Staff did a neat and impeccable job." ~ Andrew S. Rothman, V.P., National Engineering Director, Jones Lang LaSalle, NY NY

APRIL 17, 2012Industrial Cooling Inc receives USPTO Trademark Registration 4,128,121 For its TurboChyll LEEF Steam Turbine Chiller Optimization System.

TESTIMONIAL"As you know, installing a panel like the LEEF on a nearly 50 year old Worthington Compressor with a Murray Turbine has its challenge. As a result, the panel is much easier on us, the operators, and the machine is running as if it were brand new." ~ Brendan Murphy, C.E., Fisher Brothers, 605 Third Ave, NY NY

APRIL 2012Pfizer Pharmaceutical New York Headquarters selects Industrial Cooling Inc and The TurboChyll LEEF for the Multi Year Steam Turbine Optimization Plan of choice...

TESTIMONIAL"This is our second season utilizing the TurboChyll Leef Panel on our Steam driven York machine. Last year we saw a significant savings in our steam usage as compared to previous years. Everything you need to know about the machine is a finger touch away making the operation of the machine very efficient. We cannot wait for our sister machine to be modified." ~ Robert Delorenzo, Chief Engineer, SL Green Realty NY NY

MARCH 2012NE Petro-Research Co. selects Industrial Cooling Inc and The TurboChyll LEEF for the Steam Turbine Optimization System of choice in their New Jersey Research and Engineering Company

TESTIMONIAL"We are pleased with the operation of the TurboChyll LEEF package... It has greatly reduced our steam consumption, down time with control problems (such as) surges we had experienced in the past." ~ John Vasilakos, C.E., 485 Lexington, NY NY

SPRING 2012Industrial Cooling hosts Field Service Appreciation Day in Cheeca Lodge, Islamorada Florida!

TESTIMONIAL"This is the second Season we are operating the Chiller Plant with the LEEF Panel. The overall system is extremely user friendly allowing my Engineering Staff to change set points. There are detailed graphics that allow a better overview of each specific system operating via the LEEF panel. The LEEF panel is easily upgraded to allow additional applications." ~ Steve Gallagher, Chief Engineer, The Chanin Building, NY NY

JANUARY 2013Industrial Cooling Inc. receives USPTO Reg. No. 4,262,473 Int. CL:37, December 18, 2012 for Trademark Brand, our energy. your future ICACS believes that the future of Global Industry includes the responsible management of our energy resources. As new manufactured product becomes more challenging to installed value, contemporary energy products will be paramount to the Aftermarket Service and Support of large installed machinery and its complex applications. Considering innovative performance solutions rather than assuming historic replacement parts will be the commonplace to tomorrows energy leaders and performance minded users. our energy. your future is our commitment, as a leading Service Provider to this effort.

JANUARY 2013ICACS Releases "TURBOCHYLL LEEF /MIN-e TRAINING SCHEDULE-Introduction, Architecture & Set-Up". Please see our training section for online enrollment.

TESTIMONIALYou (Industrial Cooling) set the bench mark for the rest and improve your craft year after year, thanks for taking us on the journey with you Adam D Fuller Project Development Manager , Dresser Rand Services Mid Atlantic Region

TESTIMONIAL"In my 43 years in this business (37 years as chief) I have not met another service firm in this unique business, that provides the service, knowledge, and support as you do for us at all of our SL Green locations." ~ Mr. John Vasilakos -Chief Engineer, SL Green

TESTIMONIAL"I would like to mention to you, that your technicians, have done an outstanding job in not only installing the panel, but training us on it. I cant say enough on how stress free they are making the transition for the crew, with their expertise and the ease of how they explain everything. This represents your company very well!! As I mentioned, I am interested in future training for my staff, not only on the LeeF Panel, but general chiller & refrigeration knowledge. " ~ Mr. William Hurd -Chief Engineer, SL Green

SUMMER 2014SUMMER 2014 Industrial Cooling Inc. completes State Energy Project with commissioning of (3) Trane CVHF Chillers with the proven TURBOCHYLL Min-E Variable Speed, Variable Displacement Control System. Utilizing our HYPERCHYLL Variable Speed - Preswirl integration to the chillers found an unprecedented capacity control range that was incredibly stable says commissioning engineers M. Santonocito and P Recchia. KW per ton and capacity reduction experienced immediately at startup was beyond anything the chillers experienced in their 17 year prior operating history. While both expectation and approach as base lined was presented on the optimistic side of performance -I can say the package beat my every expectation and certainly that of ownership says Recchia.

OCTOBER 2014ElectroSensors & ICACS shared success for applied systems for TurboChyll products

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